hel (rapha’; therapeuo, iaomai, diasozo):

The English word is connected with the Anglo-Saxon hoelan, and is used in several senses:

(1) Lit., in its meaning of making whole or well, as in Ecclesiastes 3:3. In this way it occurs in prayers for restoration to health (Numbers 12:13Psalms 6:2Jeremiah 17:14); and also in declarations as to God’s power to restore to health (Deuteronomy 32:392 Kings 20:5-8).


woman crying from heart break

Corona Virus Thoughts

Dear friends I would like to share a few thoughts on Corona Virus and it’s impact on my life. We are now into the second year of what is called a pandemic, and in some ways it feels like a lifetime already. I have observed so much division even in the body of Christ concerning this evil virus. I’m not here to make light of it, I have personally lost two dear friends as a …

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Fear And Faith they oppose each other

As Christians we are never without trials. Jesus Himself said we would have these trials, however He would deliver us from everyone of them. This past few weeks we have been in a trial. Troy recently received some news that would challenge us in many ways. Suddenly we were making Dr appointments and consulting specialists. Of course it’s always a waiting game with a medical diagnosis, and this is when fear can step in and …

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spiritual freedom

Spiritual Love

It’s always amazing to me how God speaks to us through the voices of other believers. We recently began walking along side a woman in the area of deliverance. This woman is passionate for Jesus and I know she will be used powerfully in the army of God. I will not go into her background at this time, but I would instead like to share a revelation she received from the Lord  concerning “Spiritual Love” …

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