Hatfield and McCoy Feud Deliverance

I am sure many of you have heard of the famous Hatfield and McCoy feud which took place in the 1880’s-1890’s.  We recently ministered deliverance to Brenda again.  I had reported about her last fall in several emails.  The Lord led us to start ministering to her again recently.  During this deliverance session demons and generational heart parts were expelled from Brenda.  Her ancestors were the Hatfield’s from this famous feud.  Her ancestors past would affect Brenda today and in not a good way.  

Generational Heart Parts Released

As I had Brenda begin to pray and renounce things she couldn’t say generational heart parts with clarity.  As this manifestation happened I confronted the demons holding generational heart parts.  I commanded the spirits to release the generational heart and mind parts that they held in captivity.  As this happened I heard from the Holy Spirit “Margaret”.  I then commanded Margaret to come forward.  This was a generational heart part born in the 1800’s.  Margaret would inform us that she was burned to death with her husband in 1930.  Margaret didn’t know Jesus but I was able to lead her to Him and she left Brenda with Jesus.  I then sent the husband to Jesus as well.  This is a very condensed summary of this session, following this demons of death, fear and torment, pain, sorrow and more were evicted out of Brenda.

Then spirits of sickness manifested.  They confessed to being in the Hatfield bloodline.  Many demons had entered the bloodline through the Hatfield feud and way of life.  There were demons of incest, mental illness, alcohol spirits named moonshine, rebellion, witchcraft, rejection, anarchy, Mammon, greed, Jezebel, Ahab and Satan.  These demons would all be expelled over the hour and a half deliverance session.  Broken heart parts from Brenda’s mother were sent to Jesus as well.  A generational part named Ed who was in the Calvary also manifested.  He had a spear in him which killed him while engaging the Sioux Indians during a battle.  He was sent to Jesus as well relieving Brenda from the past torment of her ancestors.  Jesus moved mightily to set Brenda free from the ancestors sins.

What is in your generational background that is keeping you in bondage?  How do you know unless you submit yourself to the ministry of deliverance.  The demons only desire to kill, steal and destroy you.  Contact us today for your private ministry session and be free in Jesus mighty name!


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