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Corona Virus Thoughts

Dear friends I would like to share a few thoughts on Corona Virus and it’s impact on my life. We are now into the second year of what is called a pandemic, and in some ways it feels like a lifetime already. I have observed so much division even in the body of Christ concerning this evil virus. I’m not here to make light of it, I have personally lost two dear friends as a complication of this virus. One was double vaxxed and boosted, the other completely against it, both were born again spirit filled Christians. This isn’t about the vaccination, or a choice for or against it, in the end we must all make our own choices and we should never belittle or condemn another persons decision concerning their health choices.

We (Troy and I) have prayed with friends and family members that were afflicted and suffering from sickness over this virus. We have ourselves struggled with close relations that did not agree or were frightened for us for our choice to not get vaccinated. I spent many days grieving for loved ones for their choice to get vaccinated. As I stated above this however is not about the vaccination but I would like to share some thoughts and revelation the Lord shared with me concerning this particular virus.

First off I have known from the very beginning that there was a very real spirit of fear associated with Corona virus. It doesn’t take much discernment to understand that, the enemy wants us afraid. It wasn’t until recently however that I really understood it. My daughter had asked me to visit and run some errands with her. She has two babies and of course anytime I can spend time with my grandchildren I do. I stayed in the car with my grandchildren while she hastily ran in to a couple of stores. She had told me that she was struggling that day with allergies and she was sneezing a lot. At first I didn’t think too much about it, even though it’s winter and there are not too many outdoor allergens, there certainly are inside allergens and dust will often bring on sneezing episodes for me as well. Just a couple days later I was with her and it became obvious to me that she might actually have more going on then allergies.

My Experience with Omicron

It was later that evening while I was already asleep that she had sent several frantic text messages to me that she had woke up with body pain, and major discomfort. She took her temperature and discovered she was running a substantial fever of 101. She took another home test and it was positive for Corona Virus. So just hours later she confirmed what I already suspected. My daughter was very concerned she had exposed me to illness as well as others and this added to the misery she was already in.

This is where I had my own personal experience with Corona Virus. Troy is a natural health Dr. and we both had done our research and understood that the new “variant” Omicron was highly contagious and though not as lethal to the healthy it was much quicker to bring symptoms on. The typical time you became ill was within 3 days of exposure. It was during this 3 days that the Lord really got my attention.

I began to feel waves of fear, it was a weird kind of fear. It didn’t feel like it was “in” me but I kept feeling these strange waves of dread and I even began to imagine I was going to get very ill and die. I started counting the hours of my exposure and in spite of everything I knew about viruses in general and my immune system I was starting to get afraid.

My prayer against illness

This is when I began to take authority over my body and I spoke to my flesh to not receive any ill effects of this virus. I commanded my immune system to begin to attack the outside invader as soon as it entered and to remove it completely causing no harm and strengthening my immune system as it was expelled. I prayed and prayed for my daughter and for her family the same prayers.

By that Friday I started to feel strange symptoms. My body temperature is very typically low 97.8, that is just how I am. So I checked my temperature and saw that it was 99.5. That isn’t considered a fever but for me it was. There was a general feeling of tiredness and like my body was trying to fight off something. I had some head pains, but no cough, no sore throat. It was very strange because the battle was in my mind but I was no longer afraid at all. Instead I assumed based on was what known about the contagious nature of Omicron there was a very real possibility I was fighting this off.

There were so many people in our community that were sick they had to close a major school district down for a couple of days because there just wasn’t enough staff to have school. So many of our patients had already either been sick or were getting sick. You could not even get a home test to confirm, there weren’t any anywhere they had all been sold out. Any testing site said it would be a few days before they could even test or much less even get results. So I stayed home and prayed.

Not knowing if I was even infectious I assumed I was. Since there were no major symptoms I kept asking Holy Spirit for confirmation and all I heard was “crickets” nothing! I asked friends to pray and confirm, and again they didn’t hear yea or nay. I entered into some very persistent prayer with the Holy Spirit. I’m not sure how others might talk to Holy Spirit, but I kept pestering HIM and then reasoning that if He would just tell me if I was infected . I was very concerned about spreading this to vulnerable people. Again the fear factor is a very real thing. It was out of the blue a revelation came to me. The Lord asked me very gently what I had prayed for. I said “Lord I spoke to my immune system and commanded it to remove the virus”. He said very clearly “exactly”.

The problem was I didn’t have faith that He heard me. He did of course. To be honest I have no idea if I was even sick or not. However, my understanding about this particular virus became much clearer. The wave of fear was a real entity that is on this virus. It surrounds every aspect of it. Another thing that was revealed is there is another spirit that is attached to it. Guilt. Guilt for those that are well, guilt for those that get ill and have tremendous regret for just living normally.

Another thing that became more and more of a revelation to me is that you must rebuke the demon of fear. All demons of fear must be rebuked as well as all associated demons that are associated with this virus. Be kind and understanding with those that are struggling with fear. Instead of in my heart being angry for peoples fears I can see how they are being affected. Pray Pray Pray.

As children of God we are to live on a whole other level. I choose to believe God. He heals all my diseases and afflictions. I choose to trust the immune system He gave me over a vaccination. And I know that in sickness and even death He will never leave or forsake me.

Your sister in Christ,


6 thoughts on “Corona Virus Thoughts”

  1. Dear Ann and Troy, first of all I want to thank you both for your steadfast love for God and His creation!! I have been struggling with this entire vaccination silliness and ended up getting vaccinated for “fear” of spreading to someone. I feel that may have been the biggest mistake and a slap in the face of God for not trusting his will for my life and well-being! I am rebuking any spirit, blood altering, dna altering garbage that was in that shot, In the Name of Jesus! I come against fear that is present in me and my family and my workplace due to this so called pandemic. Thank You for this message and assuring that Christ will NEVER leave us or forsake us!! I love you all and am praying that God give you both divine healing and comfort and continue to use you for HIS calling!! God Bless!!

  2. Hi Ann and Troy,
    Thank you for your testimony. I agree with your testimony of the spirit of fear being attached this pandemic. It may be a real virus and people are affected by it but the fear that has attached itself to this whole thing has set out to divide the nations, the people. It is an awful trick of the enemy.
    God put it in my heart to NOT COMPRIMISE on anything. To Stand on his foundation. That being said… I have chosen to have the FAITH to believe that – Jesus Christ paid for it all on the Cross and when he said ‘IT IS FINISHED’ it was. I have been convicted to tell my body (soul) to line up with my spirit man who is seated in heaven with Christ.
    – not everyone will understand that statement or my conviction –
    I will make it through this pandemic unaffected because that is my testimony
    I am proclaiming of Christ –
    There will be attacks because that is how the enemy works – but he has been defeated – I will just remind him and remind my immune system to line up.
    Just like you did Ann “when I began to take authority over my body and I spoke to my flesh to not receive any ill effects of this virus. I commanded my immune system to begin to attack the outside invader as soon as it entered and to remove it completely causing no harm and strengthening my immune system as it was expelled.’

    Keep standing – The fight is real – but our victory is more real…. love you guys

  3. Love this discernment dear sister. You are a mighty warrior! You helped me tremendously when we were struggling through the delta variant this past year.
    You’re prayers and daily checking in on us gave us great peace. And you’re correct, the waves of fear are demonic and tried to consume us. We also recognized that and prayed against it and just focused on getting through each day. God is always good and in control ♥️

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