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Man crying who needs ministry

Your Ministry is Right in Front of You

Do you understand that your ministry is right in front of you? I came to this realization a while back, Troy had at the time been trying to figure out how to reach people for ministry. We were at a family gathering with his family and I was visiting with his sister. I could see she was upset and needed inner healing. It was at that moment the Lord spoke clearly to me and very …

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two people tied together through soul ties

Heart break healing brings deliverance!

Once again we ministered to Brenda (fictitious name for privacy purposes) recently. Brenda has heart break from her past that needs to be healed by Jesus. At the beginning of this particular meeting I instructed her that her broken heart must be given to Jesus. She was in agreement and ready for deliverance. I then began to have her repeat after me some prayers. When I got to the part renouncing astral projectors and soul …

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soul ties

Soul Ties Broken Brings Heart Healing!

As I reported last week we began ministering to a woman out of state via Face Time.  We met with her again today for ministry.  Prior to the call I was in prayer about what to do with her today.  All I heard was the Holy Spirit telling me “SOUL TIES”, “SOUL TIES”.  So when we met with her we taught about soul ties again.  We then began having her cut soul ties form partners …

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Jezebel Relentless Enemy

Jezebel Relentless Enemy Christians Indeed Have Demons! This is a big surprise for many people that attend church, however, I have seen it over and over again. Too many times to even keep count. Troy and I were asked to minister to a local woman. As we approached her home I was curious to see what we were up against. I knew a little bit about her, that she was a Christian, who regularly attended …

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woman crying by window

Woman’s Traumatic Past Hindering Her Marriage.

Marriage Relationship, Healed of Heart Break! A woman’s traumatic past was greatly hindering her relationship with her husband. We recently began to work with a couple who needs much deliverance. The couple had numerous problems in their marriage, due in large part to the woman’s traumatic past. They are not alone; every Christian should go through deliverance as there is heartbreak in your past and generational demons hiding. Every deliverance Ann and I have done …

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