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Loving Yourself

Can You Love Yourself? I have been prompted by the Holy Spirit to speak to you today about loving yourself. It seems like an easy enough question to answer, but is it? Are there situations throughout your life that perhaps make that difficult to answer?   Many people in their youth were hurt, belittled, made fun of which caused or brought on self rejection. Was this you? Has some past trauma left you feeling unloved, and …

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two people tied together through soul ties

Heart break healing brings deliverance!

Once again we ministered to Brenda (fictitious name for privacy purposes) recently. Brenda has heart break from her past that needs to be healed by Jesus. At the beginning of this particular meeting I instructed her that her broken heart must be given to Jesus. She was in agreement and ready for deliverance. I then began to have her repeat after me some prayers. When I got to the part renouncing astral projectors and soul …

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woman with child

Reunited with miscarried babies in Heaven!

I ministered to a woman recently who had miscarried several times in her life. The woman I will call Trisha for privacy purposes had manifested a broken heart and evil spirits of fear earlier at a deliverance meeting.   As I began ministering to her, the broken part of her heart that was 5 years old came forward.  This part had fear, loss, abandonment and more from her parents divorcing at that age.  This is …

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spiritual freedom

Spiritual Love

It’s always amazing to me how God speaks to us through the voices of other believers. We recently began walking along side a woman in the area of deliverance. This woman is passionate for Jesus and I know she will be used powerfully in the army of God. I will not go into her background at this time, but I would instead like to share a revelation she received from the Lord  concerning “Spiritual Love” …

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