Every day Belongs to the Lord

Hallows eve is on our doorsteps again Every fall we see evidence of Satan and his demons everywhere. Halloween and the day of the dead are celebrated throughout the world. There are demonic animated statues, blow up yard objects depicting witches, dragons, ghouls, and goblins. Horror movies glorifying evil and creating fear in people are on the tv. Alongside the real-life horror of bombings, murders, war, and natural disasters. People are unaware of and the …

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Assassination Attempt Stopped

Assassination Attempt Stopped By Divine Intervention! I recently had a run in with an assassin!  When I say this what may come to mind is a military trained individual.  Well this was not that type of an assassin but an individual doing the devil’s deeds.  He is an unfortunate young man who desperately needs Jesus.  I will give you the short version of the events that unfolded just last weekend. I recently had a computer …

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