Background Noise

Background Noise

Not to long ago I had a restless night. I went to bed early enough by 10:00 PM, yet by 2:30 AM I was suddenly wide awake. Not only was I wide awake, I was also in a bit of pain. My knee’s were aching. I had been on a 2 mile run earlier in the evening so I was considering that the source. It didn’t take me long to become clear headed enough to know that the pain wasn’t due to running, it was a physical attack. I have had this happen before and I knew from previous experience that if I prayed against it the pain would leave. Not everyone understands how the enemy attacks. This may sound “out there”, but friends, I assure you as a fairly seasoned warfare warrior it does happen.

I sought the Lord in the middle of the night with my petitions.  I will often do this in the middle of the night if I am awakened.  I desired fellowship and to receive anything He might impart to me. I became aware of this “background noise” in my head. It was from a song that I enjoyed on the radio. It also was by a popular artist that is know extensively in the Christian circles. Now I’m not saying there was anything bad about this artist, but it’s interesting to me that the enemy will use anything to mess with us, particularly when we are in prayer. I noticed that anytime I would pray more fervently the “background music” would get louder in my head.

Eventually near 4:45 am I started to drift to sleep. As I was in that halfway state of drifting I did hear from the Lord. It’s amazing to me that He is always listening to us. What He shared was personal and very comforting. As I slept I knew I would be getting up for work in 2 hours. My dreams were disturbing and when the alarm went off I knew that I had been harassed by the enemy. One of the tactics he uses is to keep us “tired.” I rejoiced when I woke up as I knew that somehow in my small way I’m a threat to the kingdom of darkness. And as I got up to no surprise my knees didn’t hurt. On the drive to the office I knew one of my favorite preachers comes on at 8:30 AM (Charles Stanley). This morning he was talking about how the enemy comes to harass us and keep us fatigued, and that only by trusting in the Lord do we overcome.  He went on to talk about how the Lord will test us for our own sake so that when we are in the fire we will know He is indeed with us, when we are in the water, they won’t overcome us. It was difficult to hear Dr. Charles Stanley because another station kept cutting in, this other station is a hard rock station that is not a station I desire to hear at all, but here it was in the background interfering with the station I was trying hard to hear. I was in and out of morning traffic (I noticed other very distracted drivers as the driver directly in front of me was all over the road!) and I softly heard the Holy Spirit through all this noise and distraction. He said very clearly “This is what it’s like for the Christian in the world.” “The background noise is always trying to crowd out my voice.”

I began to worship God. He speaks to us in the midst of all the noise in our world. We need to train our ears to hear our Lord. I was just so aware of His presence and always amazed at how He is always with us, nudging us in the direction we should go.  When I had this revelation the background noise on the radio from the other station that was cutting in quit completely and I could hear Dr. Charles Stanley. Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, keep your ears trained to hear from the Lord in any circumstance. He loves to speak to us even in the small day to day moments of our lives.
Ann Rockers

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