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Heart Matters

We have been ministering to many leaders in the Church.  Deliverance ministers, Pastors, missionaries etc.  God is cleaning His leaders for what is to come.  We must be delivered and healed from past brokenness.  Why?  Because we need to be able to love others.  How can this happen if our heart is still a heart of stone?  We must have empathy, compassion and love in our hearts.  A heart of flesh for the lost souls of this world. The freedom that comes through deliverance is paralleled by the heart being healed by Jesus. In other words full deliverance doesn’t happen in an individual if their heart is broken.  You see the devil dwells in this heart break.  He stays in the pain from the past.  When your heart break from decades ago is healed by Jesus then the devil can’t stay in you any longer. 

We once again recently ministered to a deliverance minister.  I will call her Leah for privacy purposes.  Leah had much heart break as a child.  I have reported on her in a past newsletter so I won’t go over everything.  Leah said she had forgiven everyone in her past for the pain she suffered.  Yet the Lord was telling me to minister to her and to deal with un-forgiveness.  As we began to minister to her I loosed the broken parts of her heart from the demon of generational un-forgiveness.  Also demons of resentment, bitterness, and hate were present.  You see her core heart had forgiven people from the past but their were broken parts of her heart that still had un-forgiveness.

Parts of her that were broken had un-forgiveness towards those who hurt her.  Some of these parts were mad at God and had un-forgiveness towards Him. The Holy Spirit told me to prophesy over these parts.  As I began to speak what the Lord was telling me to speak to the broken parts of her heart they began to heal.  They accepted the Father’s love and forgave everyone.  Immediately these parts went to Jesus and were healed.  Then the demons listed above were cast out to the pit in Jesus mighty name.

Many people tell me when meeting with them for deliverance that they have forgiven everyone.  Well maybe the core you has, but what about the broken parts of your heart from the past?  This can leave you in bondage to the enemy.  You see the devil hides and doesn’t want to be discovered.  You must root him out.  Ask, Jesus where you need deliverance and healing from your past.  Contact us for help and we will be glad to minister to you as the Holy Spirit leads.
God Bless you all in Jesus mighty name!

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