Personal Testimony Of People Set Free

There is power in a testimony for what King Jesus did through this deliverance ministry!  Do not be afraid to share with others how your Christian deliverance changed your life!

Mark 5:19, However, Jesus did not permit him, but said to him, “Go home to your friends, and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how He has had compassion on you.” 20 And he departed and began to proclaim in Decapolis all that Jesus had done for him, and all marveled.

We recently received a couple of testimonies from deliverance through our online church Jesus saves.  A man gave a testimony that he was delivered during the active prayer of the message on The Love of the Father 5-26-19.  He stated he was getting deliverance from demons and he heard a 5 year old part of his broken heart.

A woman shared a testimony to us that she had received deliverance as well during one of our Jesus saves church services as well.  She had broken heart parts that were crying and releasing sorrow to the Lord.

We recently received another testimony from Margaret a woman we have been ministering deliverance to via Face Time.  She said that she can now pray with her husband and isn’t so critical of him.  Prior to ministry she struggled with this. 5-23-19

From Stacie regarding her husband and his deliverance:

Nathan has been alcohol-free for 12 days!  He’s looking good and we spent the week in prayer, resting and healing.  He overcame temptation on Friday, he found a full can of beer in the house while I was running errands.  Instead of drinking it in secret, he turned to the bible read and prayed.

A follow-up report from Nathan he sounds like a new man alcohol-free for almost a month.  He suffered from severe anxiety and that is all but gone.  His heart is renewed and people tell him he looks different than he did prior to deliverance.  He is a new creation in Christ!

Prayer Testimonial

I had an incident earlier tonight that I wanted to share. It is how water healed me.
I was making supper, and I got the baking pan out of the oven. As I was taking the tin foil off of the ribs my thumb, pointer finger, and middle finger came in to contact with the hot pan. It was bad enough that I knew my fingers were going to be in pain for a few days. I went over to the sink and turned the cold water on and put my fingers in the stream. Then I thought of your email about the healing virtues of water. So I said a prayer similar to this….
“Father God I thank you for this water. I ask in the name of Jesus you bless this water. I proclaim in the name of Jesus that this water is healing water, and my fingers will be healed.  thank you for healing me, Jesus.”
Within seconds the pain left my fingers, and there isn’t any discoloration on my skin that would indicate a burn. My thumb tingled once or twice afterward, and when it did I said, “thank you, Jesus, for healing my fingers”. The tingling stopped after that.

Dave from Hawaii was set free through FaceTime.


No more night terrors!


A Couple that we ministered to Eric & Ashley


A smoker for 22 years at two packs a day is delivered of tobacco and addiction spirits.  Since his deliverance, he hasn’t smoked since March 1, 2015.  Thank you, Jesus!


Had suffered from fears all of her life.  She used to jump at loud noises, fear driving, spiders, and dogs.  Since her deliverance, she has no fears.  Something loud happens in the house and she doesn’t jump “..

She also couldn’t praise the Lord in the past without torment.  This is now gone as well she is able to praise the Lord all day!  Thank you, King Jesus!

Ann From Omaha Reports:

I did not know you or Ann either and  I prayed to God. As best as I am able  I “try” to be careful and to listen to God. Once I saw both of your eyes I felt much better.

I can not begin to express my deep appreciation to you both for all of the time that you put into driving to Omaha and ministering to us all. You gave so much of yourselves and your time.  What you gave to us and did for us In Jesus’ name is beyond measure. We are renewed body, mind, heart and soul.   God has certainly filled you with so much knowledge and given you such gifts.

Bob has had a new spirit. A gentleness,  a peace, a calm and a strength.  Praise God.  My husband is a new man in Christ. Thank you!

Testimony From Chicago

Hi Troy,
Just wanted to share something that came to me while reading the “Soul Ties” book by Jessica Jones. After reading the chapter on generational soul ties, I felt led to break soul ties and curses that came into my bloodline through the era of the slave trade, including all the horrors and trauma (heart parts) that were past down and any ancestral idolatry from Africa or other lands in my bloodline. After breaking these soul ties and curses, I felt a huge relief come over me, felt like a weight had been lifted off me, and a deep sigh came out of my mouth. Praise Jesus!

Just wanted to share this and if you feel led, please encourage other African Americans you encounter to break generational soul ties from the slave trade era or any other known period of trauma for a specific ethnicity.
Thanks and God Bless!

Chicago, IL

Gene from Iowa reports this;

Ever since my deliverance, I have a weight lifted off of me.  The pain from my childhood has been removed and I can now walk in freedom.

Sam in Kansas City, Mo

I went to bed with a smile on my face after being delivered from the demon of depression.

Pastor Kevin from Nebraska sent this testimony.

After my deliverance, I weighed 7 lbs less in one day.  Church service the next day was amazing with the Holy Spirit’s presence filling the sanctuary.  A new closeness with my wife in ministry which was taken by the demons has been restored!  Thank you again.

Testimonies From A Public Meeting

Jennifer reported having no more back pain after I prayed for her at her work!  She had a vision of Jesus restoring her as I prayed for her.  Thank you, Jesus!

Lisa reported to us that she is no longer on her anxiety medication as she doesn’t suffer from it any longer!

Brenda from South Carolina sent this,

Hi Troy and Ann,
May God bless you and keep you!  I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am to you both for all the help you gave me.  Through you, the Lord set me free from the rape demon and it is completely gone.  The Lord also set me free from many other spirits and exposed others.  After we ended our sessions, he has continued to deal with and heal me and I am beginning to sleep in peace again.   He has also been healing some things in my heart regarding my husband and it started with your advice to submit to my husband and the Lord.  God has delivered me from so much.  Thank you for being there in my darkest hour.  The Lord helped me and taught me so much through you both.  I am very grateful for your time.  Thank You.  I pray God blesses you and your ministry.

Love in Christ,


Ashley says:

It hit me today that I have been singing (worship, praise, and psalms) and I have been singing at the top of my lungs without losing my voice!  I used to have to stop singing because I couldn’t talk.  Needless to say, it has been humbling and I have been in tears over what Jesus had done for me.  Setting me free from bondage.

Hey there Minister Troy and Ann!  Sorry it’s so late but here it is

You may remember my testimony of deliverance that took place in November 2015.  Since then my new walk of life has been pretty amazing nothing but great things have happened.  I was blessed to start a new job at Cerner,  a new car, walking in my anointing as an intercessor, and most of all living each day!  I bet you wonder why would I say living each day, well God allowed me to take a look back over the last 3 years of my life and it was ugly.  I was a dead woman walking.  After my last miscarriage in 2012, I was in a place called Lodibar, this was a cold dark place that was as low as hell.  I believed in my mind at that time that no one could reach me this was a God-sized job.  Now I must say there were only a couple of people that could see the real me past the fake smile, the makeup, and happy front.  But there were only 2 people that took the steps to come to get me.  Troy and Ann, this is not to say my Pastor could not do it because he was one of the few that also saw it.  But Troy and Ann came to hell to get me.  While I was in Lodibar I was taking Hydrocodone, Oxycontin mixed with Alcohol trying to take my own life.  See the enemy had me thinking it was ok to do this because it would take the pain away that I had due to losing 4 babies.  I wasn’t sleeping and I was also not taking care of myself with diabetes, high blood pressure, and overweight.  I was that dead woman walking.  One night I cried out to God and told him I was tired I was tired of fighting.  He led me to my Pastor who told me we will get you help!  I will never forget my deliverance and I will forever be grateful to Minister Troy and Ann taking time out of their lives to deliver a stranger from death, and all the demons attached to it.  I am no longer a stranger but now we call each other brother and sister in Christ and I have developed a friendship!  This journey isn’t easy God did not say that it would be, however, I can truly say that I am surrounded by very spiritually strong people that love me.

I am Veronica and this is my testimony!

Private Ministry Session

Hi Troy,
I thank God for healing and deliverance from generation curses, spirits of Freemasonry, African witchcraft spirits and other infirmities – spirits of high blood pressure, glaucoma, arthritis, and pain.  Since then, I have been feeling strong, refreshing and more active.  My doctors have confirmed that my blood pressure and eye pressure have gone back to normal.
My daughter who was sick with mental illness is now in her right mind and we are all doing fine in our family.  I also thank God for the T B Joshua water therapy, as I drink a lot of water every day now and all aches and pains have left my body.
To God be the glory, great things he has done.

Dreams Restored

My walk with our Lord has become really awesome. My prayer life, my depending on him, me reading his word and him bringing his word and talking to me has been like never before. This is exactly what I longed for but thought I wasn’t worthy of his following because of my past life. I’m forever grateful he brought me to you guys.

Amazing Healing Testimony

Tammi says;

“the day after her deliverance she awoke with a song in her heart, the first time in a long time.”

She also sent me this testimony days later!

1.  About 24 years ago my ex-husband hit me on my left shoulder in a downward motion and since that time my left shoulder has been lower than my right and since that time my jackets have always fallen off that shoulder.  Plus I was diagnosed by a chiropractor that I had scoliosis and not only did I have a curvature in my spine but my spine from my pelvic to tailbone was twisted like a rope.  You prayed specifically for my spine to be straightened and today I noticed my jacket was not falling off my shoulder so I went to the restroom mirror while at work and noticed my shoulders seemed to be even.    Healed from Scoliosis

2. the second testimony – for three months I have had chronic pain like charlie horse pain all over my body.  the doctor diagnosed it as hyperactive muscles (similar to fibromyalgia but instead of being in the nerve endings it was in my muscles) and the only thing they could do was put me on a pretty strong dose of medicine to keep the charlie horses from happening.  In preparation to the deliverance I was fasting and praying and the Lord showed me that I had opened the door to the pain due to something I exclaimed to God and from that day forward had fatigue and chronic pain.  After the prayer time with you and Ann, I have not taken my medicine since Monday and have had only mild moments of pain and each time I feel them I rebuke the enemy and thank Jesus for my healing.

Skype Ministry From Hawaii

Things between my mom and my brother have been different because of the intensity of my contentions with them has diminished. I have been able to resolve things much easier, and not become overreactive. My church experience has been wonderful, in that I have been in step with the Holy Spirit, and hearing his voice more clearly. I no longer want to scream out in anguish, and have been guided by the peace of God concerning decision making. I am thrilled when I make a decision that results in being filled with the peace of God. When it gets spiritually dark I am able to hold still and not panic.

Pornography is no longer controlling me like it did before, and the temptation to look at it has diminished greatly. I know I have to stay on guard against it, and not give in to its lure. I have actually been able to notice that the way of escape is open to me now, and is no longer being blocked from me taking it anymore. The tormentors are gone, and my emotions are more controlled. They use to be so exaggerated and intense. I can truthfully say that I don’t feel the pain that I use to medicate with pornography. I don’t feel the compulsion or the craving that kept me in bondage to pornography. I am fully aware that the devil can not control me unless he seduces me into committing a sin. The Holy Spirit gave me a scripture from Exodus 20:20 to help me with this. It says: FROM NOW ON, LET YOUR FEAR OF HIM KEEP YOU FROM SINNING.

Everything has been slowly getting (progressively) better, and I am not so afraid of slipping back into sin like I use to be. I’ve been getting more confident in my ability to maintain the victory God has given me, and I become more grateful each time God comes through for me. Thank you Troy, for being willing to work with me like you did.

God bless you,

Private Ministry

Good Morning Pastor Troy,
I would like to thank you and Ann again for all that you do. I praise God for you and both have made a tremendous impact on my life. I know God gets all the glory. Thank you for being yielded vessels of honor for the furtherance of the Kingdom.
I just wanted to share with you an experience I had last night. I lay in the bed meditating on God and praying. Even though I know God has forgiven me for all my sins. I began to reflect back on all the relationships and soul ties that had been created as a result of my disobedience before and after I gave my life to the Lord. As the Lord took me all the way back to my childhood from molestation and other instances, he showed me incest and rape as a teenager. I began to renounce and cut all soul ties sending them back to the pits of hell. As the Lord allowed me to remember instances I had forgotten through the years. My body jolted with each individual that came to my mind as the Lord began cutting the soul ties. I even at one point saw the soul ties being tormented in the pit of hellfire. I felt feelings of disgust and remorse and sadness for how I had disregarded God. I began to weep and repent. The Lord showed me the physical and emotional abuse I had endured at the hands of men. I begin to cry and feel the wounds all over again realizing I did nothing to deserve that.
Then a spirit of fear begins to grip me as the enemy reminded me of words that I had spoken against him. I often spoke against him such as “I am not afraid of the devil etc. I grabbed my cross and my Bible (laid it on my chest) I begin to pray the word against a spirit of fear. Casting down imaginations and every high them that would exalt itself against the knowledge of God. I was pleading the Blood of Jesus during this whole experience. Wow! I made it through the night. Finally, I fell asleep after reflecting on what had just happened. Thanking God of course for continued deliverance.
Thank you for empowering and giving me the tools to be able to war in the spirit. As I am continually be liberated each day in Christ.
Love You Both

Mans Swollen Knee Due to Witchcraft Weapons!

While on a missions trip in Texas I had the honor of praying for a man’s knee.  It had been bothering him for some time and was swollen.  As I began to pray I received discernment from the Holy Spirit that it was witchcraft.  I commanded all weapons out of his knee and prayed for healing.  Another Saint present while I prayed said that she saw weapons coming out of the knee in the Spirit.  Within a couple of days, the knee was back to normal.  Thank you, Jesus!



Pastor Troy,
Thank you for your deliverance ministry.  I went through a divorce about 10 years ago, right after my mom passed away, and couldn’t get released from the sadness and garbage that came along with it.  My heart was broken.  I went forward in church every time I could and asked for prayer from multiple pastors and multiple times.  I could never get a breakthrough.  It felt like something was blocking my spiritual walk.  I felt like I was hitting a brick wall and couldn’t get past it.  I would read the word, sing praises, listen to worship music.  I eliminated everything that was brought to my mind that wasn’t righteous.  I was at a point where I couldn’t figure out what it was but knew something was there and I was doing everything that I could think of to get a breakthrough.
When I met with Pastor Troy and his wife Ann it was a very quiet experience.  I prayed for the generational curses to be broken in each area that Pastor Troy was lead.  Then he felt led to pray for my broken heart and the pieces to be put back together.
After the two meetings with Pastor Troy and Ann, I have not had one demonic dream.  I used to have regular dreams that demons were trying to kill me.  I also used to have dreams that snakes where trying to kill me and I haven’t had one single dream about snakes since my deliverance.
When going through this process it seemed very uneventful, but now that it has been a few months since the initial process, I can see dramatic changes in my life.  I have a feeling of being lighter that is unexplainable.  I don’t have the heaviness of the junk that goes with betrayal and divorce.  I am set free!
I can’t express enough how thankful I am that I went through this process.  I tried everything that I knew to do and it wasn’t enough.  This process of deliverance has set me free and I’m so excited about what God is going to do in the lives of many people.  Everyone should experience this.



Saints testimony on doing deliverance after training from our ministry.

Since our last communication we have prayed and done deliverance daily and extensively. God told me to focus on what He had told me 15 years ago (incest-mother, abortion ex wife and the 3 huge snakes He showed me in a dream. Also in  a vision many  years ago  He had given me of Joe holding a baby lovingly and carefully yet it was a demon that Joe was  holding and protecting. God told me He would give me things to deliver and that I should stop everything  and pray at once  with Joe as soon as He gave them to me. So we have done a lot of  deliverance and inner healing.  God has been revealing things to Joe and we removed blocking spirits. 
Last night God told me to address lying. Joe was an academy award Oscar winning lier.  God told me to be persistent. Finally miraculously  Joe told the truth. It was so difficult for him his body just contorted and you could see how difficult it was to speak truth.It was as if he was in labor.  Yet he did speak truth. Amen. This was huge. Really huge. This truth speaking just opened the doors wide. 
I suggested he get out of bed and go pray alone. 
Then God told me to go to him and from there quite unexpectedly  I did deliverance for an hour and a half. Jezebel was the leader, then Leviathan, Ahab, Legion and superstition (unfamiliar to me) We broke soul ties (3 snakes his mom, ex and another) lying spirits, abortion, addiction , anger rage pride nicotine alcohol porn etc After the controlling spirits left the others who answered to them left easily. I prayed to remove  any remnant spirits left behind. This was after weeks of intense delivery  and inner healing prior to last night. They all came out easily. 
It was not me so I was so caught off guard that I do not even remember it all. I thankfully had your deliverance manual to guide me. 
They were almost all generational and came in from his mother. The witchcraft   Lying etc  from the other two snakes. Joan

The above testimony came from a couple we had ministered to multiple times. This is what we desire is that people learn how to minister to others through the training and teaching they receive here. Troy

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